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Our Courses

Professional Spa Therapist

JT1 Certificate Level II Course

205 hours | Part-time or Full-time


For the serious spa student join our international standard JT1 Spa Therapist Level II course - we offer a comprehensive course at affordable fees to encourage participation by locals and international students alike.  Our JT1 Certificate Level II course curriculum includes: Anatomy & Physiology 30hrs, Swedish Massage 36hrs, Balinese Massage 40hrs, Back Massage 10hrs, Foot Spa, Scrub & Massage 14hrs, Boreh & Salt Scrub body treatments 30hrs, Hair Cream Bath 10hrs, Professional Spa Therapist 35hrs classes which includes Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, Communication skills and other spa therapist units only available in this course.

Enquire about our Senior Level

ST1 Certificate Level III Course

420 hours | Full-time


Spa Therapy Certificate Courses

Anatomy & Physiology
5 Day Course/35 hrs USD375

This intensive course provides the spa student with an important foundation in understanding the anatomy and physiology of the body. It provides hands-on practical knowledge about how the body systems are inter-related, common problems and conditions of the body. This course is a pre-requisite for Spa Therapist Certificate course.

Swedish Massage
5 Day Course/35hrs USD375 

Practiced around the world Swedish Massage provides an important foundation upon which every serious massage student can build an integrated and comprehensive approach to various massage therapies.

The course provides theoretical principles with hands-on practical applications. 

Deep Tissue Massage
5 Day Course/35hrs USD375

Join our Deep TIssue Massage class and gain special skills aimed to treat musculo-skeletal deep seated tensions and stress in the body including sporting related  injuries. DTM utilises a skillful combination of de-stressing, stretching and targeted pressure point techniques. Pre-requisite to participate in this couse is Swedish massage experience.

Warm Stone Massage
5 Day Course/35hrs USD395

Warm stone massage uses smooth balsalt stones which are heated, oiled and carefully applied to the body using flowing techniques that helps relieve muscle tension and stress. The technique also helps to improve circulation, body detoxification and opens energy flow. Massage movements are also included in warm stone massage.   

Traditional Boreh|Lulur
5 Day Course/35hrs USD385

This course presents the spa therapy student two time honoured health and beauty body traditions of Indonesia,  Balinese Boreh and Javanese Lulur each created from local herbs and spices carefully blended to create a healing body mask, You will also learn practical body application, exfoliation and removal skills.

Exfoliating Salt Scrub
3 Day Course/21hrs USD250

Skin exfoliation utilising the benefits of mineralised sea salt and aromatherapy oils is a very popular spa body treatment. This training course will provide  practical skills to perform a full body exfoliating scrub treatment including preparation of a salt scrub using natural ingredients.

Hair Cream Bath
3 Day Course/35hrs USD250

The traditional Indonesian hair

 cream bath treatment includes beneficial scalp massage and a nourishing hair and scalp treatment created from freshly prepared all natural ingredients. Students will learn to create, apply and remove the treatment as well as soothing head, neck & shoulder massage techniques.

2 Day Course/14hrs USD195

A vital part of all spas is the benefits of water therapies.This course presents various water treatments that are practiced in spas & resorts around the world. The history and benefits of a traditional Balinese floral bath will be included as well as how to prepare this most popular and relaxing treatment.

1-2 Day Spa Therapy Discovery Classes


Have an interest in spa therapies and want to learn more.

Visiting Bali and would like to gain new skills while you are on holiday.

 Join our fun and interactive discovery classes.

Our passionate professional trainers will introduce you to a selection of day classes in

relaxing body or foot massage, traditional exfoliating body scrubs, jamu, conditioning

hair cream bath treatments, aromatherapy and more. Email us for information.

Balinese Massage
5 Day Course/35hrs USD375

Traditional Balinese Massage is inspired by time-honoured massage and healing traditions. The soothing techniques of Balinese massage combines skillful kneading, stroking, stretching and acupressure and includes aromatic oils to relax and balance body and mind for health and wellness.

Chantara Signature Massage
NEW - 5 Day Course TBA

Be inspired by our very own Chantara signature massage course  that blends the skillful mastery of various traditional massage techniques following the breath and flow through muscle alignment and deep relaxation with natural sounds. A truly memorable massage technique.

Back Massage
3 Day Course/21hrs USD235

The Back Massage course provides the massage student with targeted techniques,  stretches and pressure point therapy focused on the shoulders, neck and back to help contracted and stressed muscles, release adhesions and provide deep relaxation.  Students attending this course must have massage experience.

Foot & Leg Massage
4 day course/28hrs USD295

This course introduces the   benefits of traditional Chinese Reflexology techniques including finger & thumb acupressure combined with soothing and relaxing gliding massage movements to assist circulation  loosen tight lower leg muscles and bring general relaxation. students will also learn how to prepare a foot spa.

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Chantara Wellness Bali Spa Academy offers international standard spa therapy health and wellness courses

that have been designed to deliver exceptional hands-on practical skills.  Our certified trainers provide

caring guidance ensuring every student receives the personal attention they need to achieve

their goals and objectives. 

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